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  • I just realized how impersonal this post was. A week later, I'm having trouble reading and doing homework. I had to ask for an extension from instructors as a result.
  • It's now December 6, 2017. I met with my therapist this week and we discussed how much I've healed. My memory has been improving and I get less tired at the end of the day. She has given me a goal to clean out my hoarded stuff, and if it's done we w…
  • Welcome, @RGF. I'm going to "support" you on Let's keep in touch. I saw the first two episodes of Ken Burns' Vietnam War documentary and had to stop. It was too depressing. I will try to come online tonight (while my boyfriend con…
  • @doglover92 Happy to have you here and thank you for your support. It can be challenging to get the support we need. I avoided online forums, except motorcycle forums, for years because I thought it would be like looking in a mirror. Finally got to …