The flashbacks get more dim when we are able to regulate our emotions

I had a flashback this afternoon to a day when I was working at a bar that was a block away from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center site. A customer recalled how he was on the floor about midway up Tower 2 where people change elevators coming from higher floors to get to the ground.  A Port Authority officer told everyone it was safe to back upstairs, because the other tower had been hit by a plane. A group of Japanese workers went back up to their floor. They worked at Fuji Bank. Minutes later, the second plane hit Tower 2. I had answered the phone when the President of Fuji Bank went through each of his employee's names. I remember at the bar, I was dissociated. I didn't know I had PTSD. I didn't make the connection when I heard the customer's story. I was sad the rest of the day, but I wasn't paralyzed with sadness. I'm healing.
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